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Here you can find all the latest reviews from our improv shows.

"One word. Brilliant. It can't be easy making up an entire scene based on one word or phrase from an audience member, and it must be even harder still to keep the entire thing funny. But Mad Monkey Improv did it, and they kept the audience laughing the entire time."

Reading Unplugged

“Number 1 show to see at Reading Fringe!”

Broadsheet Boutique

"Clutch-your-wobbling-belly hilarious.


As is the nature of improv, every show is going to be different, but Mad Monkey have such a great energy about them I can’t imagine any show falling flat. It looks as if they’re having as much fun on stage as we are in the audience, and that hilarity is infectious.


The night is divided into little vignettes, with the four performers – Alex McWilliam, Oliver Kyte, Sam Rogers and Brandon Plummer – taking to the stage in different combinations. The changeovers are slick so we’re never left for long without a giggle.


…Witty, silly, and very funny."

Reading Post

“A cracking night of comedy...Just what the Berkshire comedy scene needs"

British Theatre Guide

“Kept the audience laughing all night."
"A really enjoyable night of well executed fun and mischief."
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